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One of the biggest hurdles in getting athletes of all ages into racewalking is the lack of racewalking Judges. Many of our Track & Field officials think that racewalk judging is too difficult to learn. It really is a lot easier than you think. There are only two rules that judges much watch for. The animated video, below, shows you how easy it is to learn to become a racewalking Judge. Special Clinics will be offered to introduce our Track & Field officials to racewalk Judging.

judges training

racewalk judging video

This Animated video will show officials what to look for when judging athletes in a race. After watching this video, you will see how easy it is to become a racewalking judge. Yes, as in any officiating discipline you will continue to hone your skills with the more events you judge. This video will also show the official how to fill out their Tally sheet and Red Card…it’s really easy.

Penalty zone video

This Animated video will show officials all they need to know about the Penalty Zone and the forms that need to be used.

slide presentation

There are slides that explain racewalking from a Judges point of view. Included are pictures and detailed information on what to look for. Also provided are tips that will make your job so much easier.

racewalking clinics for judges

Racewalk Clinics for Officials will be held throughout the year. Click below for clinics in your area.

5 racewalkers taking a selfie outdoors in front of trees during a meetup

Racewalk Judge Training FAQ

“You are a Track and Field Official! Why add racewalk judging to you list of qualifications?

The more disciplines you have the more valuable you are to the sport and the more opportunities you will have to work the track meets you prefer.

Are there any other opportunities to attend a racewalk clinic not presently in the schedule?

Yes!, Under “WANT A RACEWALK JUDGES’S CLINIC?” below send us your information and under Message, tell us a bit about yourself. We do offer small clinics for as few as two officials. Just add this request under Message and we will try our best to accommodate you.

want a racewalk judges clinic?

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