Beginner Training

How to start

Start by watching the Training Video. This will give you a good visual of how to racewalk. Then click on the Slide Presentation.  This will give you a good explanation of racewalking technique. Finally, click on Training for Beginners. This will give you a beginners training program..


This video is great as it shows Beginners learning to racewalk with a curator explaining technique throughout the video.


There are slides that explain racewalking technique, show all the important technique requirements with detailed explanations and pictures of different exercises that will help you become more flexible and stronger.


An easy-to-follow program that will allow beginners to start racewalking without too much stress on the body in these early stages. Contact Coach Stafford if you have any questions.


Ontario Racewalkers train in various locations. Check out our Calendar for training locations.

5 racewalkers taking a selfie outdoors in front of trees during a meetup

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