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There are no clinics planned due to COVID-19 restrictions but please check back here for future dates.

clinic FAQ

Do I have to know how to Racewalk to join?

NO! All are welcome. We offer programs for absolute beginners that know little or nothing about racewalking.

Is there a trial period before I have to commit?

You can join right away but we usually recommend that you come out 2 to 3 times to try out racewalking and get a feel of what we are all about. We offer 3 free clinics to all potential members.

How can I join the Ontario Racewalkers?

Send us a message by clicking on “JOIN US!” We will get back to you immediately.

How can I join a clinic?

Click on "JOIN US"! Send us a note and we’ll get back to you asap.

What are the benefits of joining?

Learn a new sport.  Get fit. Join a great social like minded group. Have a group of athletes to racewalk with…it’s hard to train on your own. Receive full training programs that fit your specific needs. Have a coach available to you 7 days a week.

What is it like to join our clinic?

Two types of clinics are offered. One for Beginners and one for Intermediate racewalkers. They are not mixed. There is no pressure on the athlete especially a beginner. We start with racewalking basics and keep it simple and fun. There will be other athletes just like you trying to learn this great sport. Clinic participants come in all ages and all shapes…no need to be shy.